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FAQ: Are you open? Yes, we are

May 23, 2021 Are you open? We tend to get this question frequently these days.

We are not closed, but cruising rare due the lack of passengers. Mainly boat cruises are available in the weekend period Friday and Saturday. By your booking or request our crew member are ready to cruise with you.

Effective from 3rd of July 2021 the government has lifted the obligation to wear a mask in closed compartments. Therefore our cruises can be enjoyed as normal without vaccination or immunity certificate.

  • Our regular Budapest sightseeing cruises are running when enough passengers book them.
    • passengers need to wear a mask inside during the cruise;
    • consumption is only available outside;
    • for those who have the immunity green card (védettségi igazolvány) consumption is also allowed inside. The card needs to be presented prior!;
    • immunity card or covid jab is not a prerequisite to participate on the cruise!;
    • group limits are not applicable for the sightseeing boat cruises;
  • As per the current rules family events can be held with the max. passengers of 50, 200 for wedding + children under the age of 14. For such events you can rent our boats:
    • for smaller private events the boat M/S Klara is perfect. Klara is very convenient for pax. up to about 25.
    • For bigger events, party or cruises you can rent our fully renewed boat Neptun, her capacity of 250 pax might be enough for any and all needs.

The rules were invented by the Government. Thanks for your understanding and support!

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