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Travel information to Hungary

Please be informed that from 15 July 2020 the Hungarian Government do new restrictions regarding to travel in Hungary. (UPDATED 19th JULY 2020: Portugalia also became GREEN)

Hungarian government do a weekly list with the countries of high (RED)-medium(YELLOW)-low(GREEN) incidence of COVID-19.

In agreement with the new rules, you are free to entry in Hungary without any restriction if you are comming from a green-listed country or you can prove that you already have been infected with COVID-19 in the past 6 months. Hungarian citizens and foreign citizens comming from yellow-listed countries must to entry in a 14 days self-quarantine. Exceptions: having a valid (max 5 days old) negative COVID-19 test. Foreign citizens comming from red-listed countries have no access to Hungary, Hungarian citizens must to have the quarantine.

GREEN LISTED countries: ALL EU countries except the countries listed on YELLOW or RED
YELLOW LISTED countries: Bulgaria, UK, Norway, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Japan, China, USA.
RED LISTED countries: ALL other countries outside of EU.

More info on the travel limitations to Hungary is available on the website of Budapest Airport (opens in new window).

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