Coupon (operator of sells its tickets direct on its webpage, although occasionally coupons are available on third party coupon sites that are redeemable for tickets. Customers having a third party coupon are required to provide coupon codes during the booking process. Naturally, you don’t need to pay the price of the ticket as you are paying with your coupon. The redeem process of a third party coupon is below:

1. Select the cruise date to which you would like to redeem the coupon. The boat cruises eligible for coupon payment are usually in the Budapest boat cruises category and the product is tagged with “Kupon érvényesíthető” (‘Coupon redeemable’) picture at the product description. All of our cruise dates are available on setahajo_oldal_en
2. Select the cruise date. Please respect the processing lead-times (that is 24-48 hours in case of coupon payment) when you place the order.
3. Select the number of tickets you would like to have. You may opt for exactly the same number of tickets as the number of coupons you posess. (1 coupon is eligible for 1 ticket.)
4. Press the “Add to Cart” button.
5. (To complete the purhcase) fill in the data or press ”Continue Shopping” button on the top of the page in case you intend to buy other products.
6. Under ‘Your order’ section check if the product quantities and the cruise dates meet your preference. Should this not be the case click on the ‘change your cart item quantities’ language and adjust accordingly. chechout_order_en coupon_payment_method_en  7. Select ‘coupon’ as payment method.
8. Please provide your coupon code(s) and any secondary code(s) (if present) and place the order. The necessary and minimal howto for identification of the different coupon codes. Only the coupon code formats specified in the previous link may be accepted.
9. After the button is pressed you’ll see a summary page where the order No. is indicated and you will receive an email confirming the order processing. Please check your SPAM (and in case of GMAIL – other folders) as well).


Not all boat cruises have unlimited number of tickets that is valid to redeem your coupon! Therefore it may happen that although you see empty places, coupon as a payment method does not show up. The reason for that is that the number of tickets eligible for coupon are sold out, you will see an error message indicating that. Should you see such error message, please select an other cruise date.
The booking with a coupon process is a low budget version and therefore self-service only. You need to complete the booking process by yourself with the help of this itinerary.

TOP TIP: In case your coupon is about to expire and you can not find the right date for your, then select voucher product that provides you extra 30 days. Don’t use this product once you found the right date for you!

After the order is placed our collegaues will check your coupon at the third party provider and if valid, redeem that. Once your coupon is redeemed at the third party coupon provider we will send you a ticket by email.

IMPORTANT!!!Your coupons only replace the payment method, therefore are not valid for any specific boat cruise. Travel is only possible with TICKET valid for the specific date and cruise!
With coupon payment you purchase travel option for the date specified on your ticket. The ticket is not redeemable, modification is only possible upon a fee (via upgrade).
In case of a booking made by coupon plese respect that the processing leadtime is 24-48 hours!
We need to provide an invoice on your purchase with coupon as per the current laws in force, therefore every completed and financially settled purchase is accompanied by an electronic invoice and sent to you together with the ticket. In case you with to put your company’s name on the invoice, then please fill in the company name as well. Due to technical limitation of the webshop misspelled or erroneous data of other form can not be corrected, therefre please double check your data before sending!

FAQ on coupons and bonuses


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