Coupon FAQ

In the below FAQ on coupons we try to summarise the frequently asked questions about the third party coupons from coupon pages like BonuszBrigad, Alkupon, SporoljVelem, Kuponvilag, Citybrands, Liners, etc.

Where can I buy coupons?

Portum Lines Llc. as a promotional offer provides coupons for its boat trips and services at the bigger coupon sites, like BonuszBrigad, Alkupon, SporoljVelem, Kuponvilag, Citybrands, Liners stb. (Third party coupons). These third party coupons should not be mixed with the special vouchers provided by Portum Lines Llc. ( vouchers).

Which trips are eligible for coupon redeem?

Those products where you see the following text “Bónusz vagy kupon érvényesíthető” or “Bonus or coupon redeemable”.


How can I use my coupon?

If you have a third party coupon, then complete the payment process as you would do it without a coupon. After selecting the trip date and the number of tickets you need to select ‘Coupon’ as a payment option. The product’s price is displayed, but you will complete the payment with your coupon. You need to enter your coupon codes in the textbox below the payment options.  Please don’t forget to indicate all codes that you see on the coupon, check the required format below. Your cuopons will be checked at the service provider and in case they are valid, a ticket will be issued. Your coupons are invalid after the ticket is issued. You only need to bring your ticket to the trip either as printed or simply present them on your smart device.


I have more coupons, do I need to buy tickets one by one?

Naturally not. You may purchase more tickets in one transaction and then input your codes. 1 valid code is eligible for 1 ticket.

I’d like to buy tickets for different trip dates.

Certainly. Just put the right tickets into your basket and click on ‘Continue Shopping’ until you finished with all of the tickets. You can check the content of your cart on and adjust the quantities if needed.

What happens if I have a ticket, but the date is not good?
What should I do if my diary got heavy for the same time period?

Coupon tickets contain many limitations that is included in the special price. These limits may be the number of tickets, availability of certain dates, changing reservation date, etc. Based on the GTC you can buy a ticket for a given program boat trip on a given date. Should you prefer to modify that, you need to upgrade your ticket with the ticket upgrade product. You need one upgrade per ticket. Modification is only accepted if requested written at least 6 hours before the cruise, according to the GTC.

Will there be other cruise dates?

Certainly, we are updating the cruise dates regularly, usually in every 2-3 weeks. However if a certain date range is already available on our webpage, then new date within the range is unlikely. 


Which one is my coupon code?

Almost all third party coupon provider sites use different coupon code format, therefore we try to help you in identifying the right codes. Naturally these codes below are only examples and not valid coupon codes:

BonuszBrigad: (kuponkód) UXNC49947582 (12 characters)
Alkupon:  (kuponkód) 51206878 (8 numbers) and secret code (titkos kód) 123464 (6 numbers)
Deal LX:  (kuponkód) 401-7W3-533-1 (13 characters in 4 groups) and security code (biztonsági kód) 2216-4383 (8 numbers in 2 groups)
city brands: (kuponkód) 130232 (6 numbers) and code (kód) 638148 (6 numbers)
liners:  (kuponkód) 22051 (5 numbers) and code (kód) 214553 (6 numbers)
Zumzi/Kuponvilág:  (kuponkód) K8J8HF-87NZF (12 characters in 2 groups)
Sporoljvelem: (kuponkód) HGAAS-PYCAS (11 characters in 2 groups) and validity code (beváltó kód) 272768 (6 numbers)
Foglaljvelünk: FV-744559-4612-1591-673-1 (FV then 18 numbers, in 5 groups)
Vatera Sztarajanlatok: vatera Order No. (vatera + 7 numbers)
mostcsakennyi: 24121-3219550-126 (15 numbers in 3 groups)
veddvelem: 464C21AC0A (10 characters)
NapiDeal: 323-327-828-2 (10 numbers in 4 groups)
Maikupon: 0439655372 (10 numbers)

We can accept only valid coupons, as you purchase your ticket with a coupon. The indicated codes are the minimum required codes that you need to display at the payment process. Other number, codes, characters, etc. have no meaning to us, we can not accept those. Your reservation is automatically deleted if the code is not valid.

Can I use my coupons later than the indicated due date?

Yes, we provide an option for that if either a) you reserve a ticket before the due date of the coupon or b) if you buy an Exchange Coupon to Voucher product. 

Got no email on the booking.
No emails received even 24 hours after the reservation is made.

The error is likely due to your email service provider. Please check whether your service provider is reliable.

How long shall I wait for a ticket to be issued?

We will do our best, nevertheless processing coupon based bookings needs manual labour effort, therefore tickets purchased by coupons are likely to be issued within 24-48 from the booking.

The webpage provides me an error message that coupons can not be applied.

Unfortunately this is possible. We provide our coupon tickets as promotion or a limited special offer therefore the number of these coupon tickets are limited per each boat cruises. Orders are accepted using FIFO principle meaning the earlier you reserve the more options are available for you.

I don’t like limitations. Can we lift these?

Yes, we offer such option. If you purchased a ticket with coupon and you don’t like to live with the limitations contained there, then you have the option to upgrade your ticket to a normal ticket with our ‘Ticket Upgrade’ product. You need to buy one for one ticket.  

Too complicated. Why do I need to provide so much information? Can not it be less?

Unfortunately not. We have tried our limits and so much information is needed to process your order, check your coupon or to inform you on a late arrival (as an example). On the accepted reservations we provide a boat ticket and an invoice according to the current laws in force. These are processed by our best crew member, the only one who is allowed to work 24/7 – our computer system. If you need the invoice on a given company name, please double check the data provided!


Why do I need to register online? I could write a mail or call you over the phone…

Sorry, no. The use of coupons forces us to reach low cost ratio, where the only known method is the online system developed for the purpose. This is the only way to make your reservation for a boat trip.