FAQ on the weather

In the below FAQ on the weather we try to summarise the frequently asked questions about the weather conditions during our hajoznijo.hu boat trips.


At what wheather does the boat operate?

We have received this question every now and then due to the thunderstorms of 2014 summer. The reply is easy: we are up and running at almost every wheather. We operate in the cold weather, the warm weather, rain and on a fair, sunny day.

The only exeception is the fog, where although we could ride with the radar on, but that would only be interesting for survival camp candidates. 

We do all possible efforts to keep the boat trips advertised on schedule. Notwithstanding the aforementioned external causes – like banned traffic, pontoon usage or mechanical problems – might change the original schedule. In such cases we try to inform our passengers for the given boat trip – as technically possible.


What happens on a fair, sunny day or on a hot day?

The Danube tends to warm up not more than 25 defrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), so cruising on a boat is a refreshing activity on a hot sunny day.  The boat has two decks. Passengers on the upper deck are protected by a sun shading cover. If you already had too much of the sunshine, then you go down to the lower deck at any time and enjoy cruising in an air-conditioned environment.


What happens in rain, cold or bad weather?

In light rain our passengers may enjoy the view on the upper deck, the cover is protecting relatively well from the moisture. The lower deck provides you all comfort in any weather conditions and it is really nice in heavier storm, colder weather, etc.


Wind, relative temperature.

Well, there is always some wind on a boat. Depending on the conditions, direction anything may happen from light wind to extra strong wind. Besides its unpleasant effects wind only makes the boat trip more complete.

On the upper deck the relative temperature is lower due to the wind. Those who are more sensitive to it advised to bring a jacket or a pullover in case needed. If there would be too much of the wind then you can go to the lower deck at any time, that is closed and air conditioned.


Heating on the upper deck.

We are very sorry, but still unapable of miracles. The upper deck is partly open which has a benefit of a spectacular view, but the downside is the weather, it may be sunny, cold or even windy. It is always a good idea to have an extra light jacket with you.

In certain areas the air is heated with umbrella like heaters, but this is not possible on a boat. First the device is operated by propane butan gas would need a special permit from the authorities and second the boat is open that would allow the warm air to leave immediately unlike the city center that is protected by the walls of the buildings.

The weather conditions are part of the beauty of a boat trip, the view is still spectacular.