FAQ on hajoznijo.hu page

In the below FAQ on hajoznijo.hu page we try to summarise the frequently asked questions about the webpage and the technology behind it.


How do I buy tickets?

Our webpage is a solution built on fresh WordPress softwares that also runs a webshop. After selecting the service (e. g.: Boat Trips), the product and the date you can purchase the number of tickets needed and can complete the transaction with the checkout. If you would like to have other service (such as A 2-Hour Surprise Party on Boat or  Be a Captain) then you need to act similarly and we will get in touch by e-mail or phone.

I have a problem with the quantities in the cart (too many/too few)?

No worries. You can access your cart on http://hajoznijo.hu/en/kosar (or in the top left corner, if the cart is not empty) or clicking the “Would you change your cart item quantities?” text on the order summary page. At the cart page you can adjust the quantities as needed.

I’d like to buy tickets for different trip dates.

Certainly. Just put the right tickets into your basket and click on ‘Continue Shopping’ until you finished with all of the tickets. You can check the content of your cart on hajoznijo.hu/en/kosar and adjust the quantities if needed.

For how long can I download the ticket?

Usually up until the end of the month in which the ticket is usable, following that the tickets are archived.

Registration. Is that mandatory?

No, the registration is only an option, but we would recommend that. After registration it is far easier to make the second and any other additional purchases and you can also check the current status of your order, your tickets and invoices.

How do I know if the purchase process is successfully completed?

At every recorded purchase you will see a summary page and a summary e-mail on the purchase. Email is our primary communication channel. If you received no e-mails or your pending order is not closed within 24 hours, then the purchase is not recorded by the system, please check your SPAM folder and in case that is empty drop us an e-mail on that.

E-mail service providers.

Certain e-mail providers do not operate flawless and do not forward our e-mails, in certain cases the e-mails are simply rejected. All of our e-mails are digitally signed (SPF+DKIM) and the site also uses a DMARC policy. According to our experience certain free e-mail providers trend to behave as such more often. We tend to experience such problems with freemail.hu, citromail.hu, vipmail.hu, indamail.hu, therefore some of them are banned in the purchase process. You are asked to use only well recognized, reliable e-mail providers to ensure that your e-mail really do arrive to your mailbox.

How quick is the payment process?

We do our best, that is commercially reasonable, nevertheless the speed of the payment process depends on the selected payment gateway and (in certain cases) your reply speed. Usual processing times: a) bank or credit card – immediate (automatic), b) wire transfer – 1 bank day, c) PayPal – immediate (automatic), d) coupon – 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to process my order? What happens if there is an error in the order?

Your order will be processed within the aforementioned processing leadtimes. In case there is a mistake in the order, then you will receive an email on that error. In case no reply is received within the given timeframe, then the order will be modified an finalized as per the information available to us.

I have pushed the button, nothing happenned.

Don’t panic. Maybe our system is just processing the data. If you happen to feel the waiting time excessive, then please press F5 (or ctrl-R) and refresh the page. Hopefully the error is resolved after the content is refreshed.


We are regularly sending out newsletters, if you subscribe that gives you an option to enjoy the benefits and discounts offered to our newsletter subscribers and/or prior passengers.

I am not a robot.

Well, this is up to you. In case you need additional assistance, we recommend the Turing test. Due to the recent SPAM activity on our webpage we were forced to install a captcha, tried to address it as friendly as possible.

I cant see the cart option after selecting the trip dates. Unfortunately this is a known browser error. If you happen to reach this point in the purchase process, selected the trip date and the cart (including the number of available tickets) is not showing, then please press F5 or ctrl-R (refresh) and the cart should show up. 


Which browser do you recommend?

This is of a personal taste. We could recommend one or the other, but that would be our taste, so we don’t. The webpage is prepared with the view of the capabilities of the state-of-the-art web browsers, so full functionality requires up to date browser. These are (at the time of preparing this FAQ) are Chrome 40, Firefox 36, Safari 7.1, Internet Explorer 11.

I checked the page and a big splash screen jumped in.

We are very sorry, but your browser seems to be outdated then, not able to present the content of this webpage. If you would like to make a reservation, please follow the instructions on the splash screen of write us a mail.

Are these modules/plugins available somewhere?

Our plugins are under continuous development. The modules available for commercial use are available in Portumlines SHOP.

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