FAQ on trips, booking and consumption

In the below FAQ on trips, booking and consumption we try to summarise the frequently asked questions about the trips, booking or consumption on board.


Where is the port?

The port of departure is typically Szent Istvan park pier, namely here (Szent Istvan Park Port on Google Maps) or alternatively here (Szent Istvan Park Port on Foursquare), we are also likely available on your phone’s map provider, check for ‘Portum Lines’. See the detailed access information also on your ticket. Public transport services in the vicinity are trolleybus lines 75 & 79, bus lines 115 & 15 and the metro line M3, tram line 2, 4-6 and BuBi docking station at Szent Istvan park. Please note that Szt. Istvan park is fenced, no pass through is possible.

At what time shall I arrive.

We would recommend 10-15 minutes before the departure. Naturally you may arrive later to the port, but it is recommended to go onboard at least 5 minutes before departure. Boarding usually starts 15 minutes before departure. I will be late.

Please don’t. The boat leaves sharp at the indicated time and arrives on-time. Boarding begins 15 minutes prior to the departure.


What do I need to the trip?

A valid TICKET for the specific trip issued by by Portum Lines LLC.

How does a ticket look like?

The ticket is PDF file to be issued by our automatic system which contains the following information: “JEGY / TICKET” title, the passenger’s name, the name and date/time of the trip, order code, ticket ID, bar code and access information.

Do I need to take the ticket for the trip?

The passengers are identified on the basis of the ticket, so you have to present the ticket that enables you to participate. But we love trees, so the presentation by a smart device like phone or tablet is perfect.

Do tickets usable only by the person displayed? Should we be more in a group shall I book one-by-one?

No, the tickets are for the holder. Feel free to book all tickets on one name.

What happens if the date is not good? Modification is only possible if requested written at least 6 hours berfore the cruise date according to the GTC.

May I bring my son/daughter?

Sure, you do. In fact, for children under 3 years free ride is provided on certain trips. Such option is shown on the product description page, but even in this case – when possible – please indicate how many children you want to take in the Comment section of the booking. One adult may take one accompanying child, the adult must have a valid ticket.

What is the departure time of the 8:00 pm trip?

Sharp 20:00.

Are there other people on the boat?

Naturally. If you wish to be alone, then we can offer you a-la-carte rent-a-boat service or our Private Boat Tour service. You will only have the crew with you in this case. Certainly they will be in the background if you need some privacy.

I did not get a ticket / I have not received confirmation of booking / I have problems with the booking.

We send a ticket as a response to each approved booking. Please check your spam (junk mail) folder too. Should you not receive a ticket, we could not confirm your reservation for any reason, of which we have sent an e-mail.
In case of a GMAIL account also look for Promotional, Social and other labels or execute the in:all jegy@portum.hu query. For inquiries about booking please do not hesitate to contact us at jegy@portum.hu

As the primary communication channel is your e-mail inbox, please check if your email service provider is reliable the e-mail address is correct and if there is room available in your mailbox; check also for spam e-mails. We can not send a ticket either to incorrect e-mail address, full mailbox or non-reliable email providers; and we exclude any liability for e-mails not received for such reasons.

I would like VIP tickets.

Our current boat can not offer you VIP accomodation for VIP service please check our new boat and our Private Boat Tour service on M/S Dunai Csavargo

Can I sit only to a dedicated seat?

No, we do not accept prior seat/table reservation for our trips. Passengers are free to occupy places first-come. However, for occasional larger groups we maintain tables. You may move freely between the lower and upper deck. We recommend that you go out the top panorama deck at least once during the trip; the view is magnificent.

The only exception is the private VIP room in the bow of the boat, which is available only in Class V tickets.

Whit is the best side? Is it better upstairs or downstairs?

As you prefer. It is a round trip, the view is magnificent irrespective whether you are upstairs, downstairs in the front or in the back. Not to forget, you are on the same boat.

Is the table only for us?

Unfortunately, that we can not guarantee. At the current layout there are tables for 6 on the boat. Of course, for a six-person group the table is only for the group. However, when there are fewer people, you may have to share the table with others. On the other hand the room on the boat is more limited than in a restaurant. The experience, however, will definitely be amazing.

Shall I have to stay at my place?

Surely not. You can move freely between the upper and lower decks of the boat any time.

Where can I go?

Anywhere in the open parts of the boat; the only exception is the private VIP room in the bow of the boat, which is available only in Class V tickets. Obviously the bridge is exclusively for the captain. Do NOT enter the bridge.

I want to see the machines and the bridge. 

Unfortunately this is not possible on our normal trips. If you care for technical details, like the smell of grease and oil or would test yourself as a captain of a passenger boat then you are welcome on our Be a Captain programs.

I want a good selfie/photo may I sot on the railing?

Sorry, no. Safety first. NEVER even try to sit or bend over the railings. Please always follow the instructions of the crew.

Are there restrooms on the boat?

Of course, separate restrooms for male and female passengers (located in the middle). The toilets may not be used at the time when passengers leave the boat.

Can I bring my dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, goldfish?

Sorry, no. Live animals – except guide dogs and police dogs on duty – can not be transported pursuant to the GTC.

Okay, maybe we can make an exception with a gold fish in an aquarium sized not more than 10x10x10cm. Do not forget the risk of escaping, River Danube is close.

I need a taxi (cab) at the end of the cruise.

Upon your request we can get you a TAXIFY – thanks to our cooperation. Naturally you can also order a taxi from an other provider to our port at Szt. István park.


May I eat or drink on the boat?

There is a bar on the boat; assortment of beverages are available to enhance the adventure. See the prices on the Drinks Card. We also offer light snacks on certain trips. Due to limited space and strict statutory requirements of warm food services we cannot offer such on board; however on time-charters dinner is also an option – even if for two. Our company has a number of catering partners that can provide high-quality meals from pogácsa to exclusive multi-course dinner.

On time-charters we can offer options for beverages, including welcome drink, coupon-based or any other approaches.

May I bring a cake? 
May I bring food/drink on board? 

No, a bar is on board, consumption of food and drinks not ordered from the bar is FORBIDDEN. Naturally, you may go for the foods and drinks available in the bar, our menu can be found on Portum.hu Drinks Card.

Should I wait for the service or should I go to the counter?

What you want. Our crew serve you, but the service can be slow when the boat is fully occupied. In such cases, please be patient or wait at the bar.


I made a good photo, I want to post it (on FB).

Sure, use the free Wi-Fi on the boat. See the setup and password on the table signs or ask the crew.

I liked the program.

Thank you very much. Please Like our website, sign up for our newsletter; check our other programs and share your experiences with friends. Do not forget the time-charter service, whether it is about a family event or a friend’s birthdays.

I have a question.

Feel free to contact any member of our crew.