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Make a party!

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A good party is also remembered from the excellent location.Having a party on a boat is always special as the panorama you see during the party is always spectacular, probably the nicest on the world. The excellent location provided by our boat M/S FANNY includes two decks, a big open terrace and two saloons (a big saloon and a VIP saloon). The on-board bar provides you with food and drinks at an affordable, average Budapest price. Audio system is also on-board, you only need to plug your favorite music to the USB plug. M/S Vagabond of Danube is smaller but very exclusive and ideal for small parties. The route is completely on you – we can ride during the full period or even anchor somewhere… You are free to decide the route, only the river Danube limits. Although we usually operate in Budapest, we are open to go anywhere. Prefer some entertainment as well? Stand-up comedy, live music or any other – we will organise that for you, no issues. We can also organise the transfer if you like.

Make an impressive presentation to your business partners!

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Budapest is one of the nicest capital of the world, always member of the TOP tourist lists. Use this advantage and bring your business partners to a boat. We can provide you à la carte lunch or dinner or we can provide you other catering options depending on your choice. Even if you choose not to eat, then still our bar can provide you drinks of all assortments. The bar is equipped with a computer, the invoice will always be correct, even if you do a full or partial open bar.

Download our full list of services and fees (PDF)

Have a ride on a boat with your friends or family!

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Using the average individual ticket prices, you are better off if you rent the full boat for 30 or more people, than to purchase a ticket to a normal sightseeing trip and to accommodate to the others. Naturally you can rent a boat with a smaller group, we already had a group of 7, who simply wanted to spend some quality time. Not to mention the effect when the boat is only for you and your special one…

Celebrate on the water!

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Birthday (B-Day), bachelor party, anniversary or even wedding is possible. M/S Fanny boat is capable to accommodate 150 passengers, you set the limit. Tables and chairs are freely movable, you are free to arrange the interior to fit to the party. M/S Vagabond of Danube is up to 10 guest but very exclusive. We can provide you crew from a simple family celebration to an extreme party.

Download our full list of services and fees (PDF)

Organize a surprise!

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On one of our regular boat trips a young couple enjoyed the sight when the searchlight switched on and started to sweep the following bridge. The light stopped on a sign: „Will you marry me, … ?” The horn blew in the silent night, the young lad went down on his knees, light glinted on a ring and he proposed her. They happily live ever after… It was a pleasure to participate in preparing this occasion, we are happy to make one for you. Even if that sounds silly. If you prefer we may also involve small powerboats.

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Make an excursion!

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Naturally by boat and with us! We are happy to provide you excellent options, like North from Budapest, where there is plenty to see and mooring or anchoring options are also available. We can go through Szentendre Duna Branch, where we can organise the program of your choice. Let it be a simple sightseeing program or some active relaxation, like riding the bike.

Rural distances

Budapest-Szentendre-Budapest  3 hours

Budapest-Visegrád-Budapest  6 hours
Budapest-Esztergom-Budapest 10 hours

Download our fully list of services and fees (PDF)

If you would require our services as a B2B services, then please visit B2B services page.

Pictures on FANNY M/S

Picture about Vagabond of Danube M/S

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