FANNY M/S Fanny_Margithid_ksas-150x150
Capacity: Max 150 pax
Staff: 4 crew
Halls: 2 halls (heated/cooled)
Open decks: 2 decks
Lenght: 38 m
Recommended for:  cruises, events, parties, press conferences, business meetings, tours, concerts

Dunai Csavargó M/S Fanny_Margithid_ksas-150x150 486824_363393407069229_1130891520_n-150x150
Capacity: Max 10 pax
Staff: 2 crew
Halls: 1 hall (heated/cooled)
Open decks: 1 deck
Lenght:   11 m
Recommended for:  2-10-person exclusive cruises, events, lunches or dinners, small bachelor-girl party, engagement, business meetings

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