Boat M/S Fanny fanny_naplemente_kikotoben_keskeny

Capacity: Max 150 pax
Staff: 4 crew
Halls: 2 halls (heated/cooled)
Open decks: 3
Lenght: 38 meter
Recommended for:  cruises, events, parties, press conferences, business meetings, tours, concerts

bar, kitchen, sound system, music, 220V / 400V, FREE WI-FI, air conditioning, heating, dressing room, halls reconfigurable, reconfigurable decks.

Want to rent her? Download here the fully list of services and fees (.pdf, ~1.8M)


M/S Fannny is a big event boat that is suitable for almost any kind of event, parties. She is fully equiped with build-in sound system, wireless microphones, excellent kitchen and a bar. The upper hall have tables of 2 and 4 (freely reconfigurable) and the lower hall have boxes of 6 persons. Main style of Fanny is a coffee house / pub feeling. Special sideboard or wardrobe can be furnished in a third room. There are four guest toilets on the ship. Free broadband internet is provided.

Examples of trips:

Budapesti cruising short          1 hour

Budapesti cruising long            2 hours

Budapest dinner                        2 hours

Bp-Szentendre-Bp                     3 hours

Bp-Visegrád- Bp                         5 hours

 Want to rent her? Download here the fully list of services and fees (.pdf, ~1.8M)

Renting fee:

Renting fee                     35 000 HUF (~115EUR)

Renting fee mooring    20 000 HUF (~67 EUR)

NET prices, VAT in Hungary is 27%

For other prices and packages please download here>>> Fanny_Margithid_ksas

FANNY is a cruising boat dedicated to special events and capable of accommodating as much as 150 people. The warship built in  Hungary in 1927 has visited many places by 2005 when she returned completely rebuilt and modernized to Budapest. The boat has two decks; a room with boxes for 50 and a well-stocked bar are available on the lower deck. The prow accommodates a special small BAR salon. The interiors are heated and air conditioned.  The furniture is rearranged freely on the closed upper deck. 20-30 seated persons can be accommodated in each of the three open decks. Each table and chair is free to be moved; the layout can be as best fit for the purpose of the event. The ship, of course, runs at a 220-volt system works and unlimited number of connections to laptops and other devices are provided. At request  projector and screen are offered on the lower deck. A fully built sound system with radio microphone and amplifier receiving any device are available. Broadband internet is available on the boat. Free internet for the guests (due to the data traffic restrictions special needs, like video conferences etc. for extra charge). Fanny’s most important feature is the excellent team of professionals taking care of your safety and comfort. Experienced and skilled sailors, captains and our catering crew will do their best to enjoy your stay on the boat. boxok_alsoszint_keskeny

Want to rent her? Download here the fully list of services and fees (.pdf, ~1.8M) fanny_felso_uj_keskeny fanny_felso_fedelzet2-1024x576

Her story:

Fanny was born in 1926 in Ganz Danubius factory in Budapest then named Maros (according to some sources named Mohács) and served as a sapper in the fleet. By the end of World War II, the boat became US booty and then moved to Germany. Wallner Shipping Company purchased the boat from the German National Salvation Association in the early 50s and so Fanny boat, the first time in her life started a civil work and  served as deep river tug in the 50s. In the sixties the boat was involved in passenger transport around Deggendorf, Germany and then in 1975 she landed at Irlbach for a serious cosmetic surgery. Then her length increased from 30 meters to 38 meters and the deck was partially covered. After several alterations in 2005 she again headed towards Hungary; the restart in Hungary was preceded by another remodelling. raised its flag on Fanny’s mast in the spring of 2015.

For technical details please check the record of M/S Fanny on Hungarian Boat Register (Hajoregiszter).