Two-Million guest nights on a boat

2-Million room nights in the same boat – this could have been the slogan of the press conference in Budapest heralding the joint action of two large spa town of Heviz and Hajduszoboszlo, which was held on a boat on river Danube. We are very proud that this shared boat was a boat of as we also give priority to domestic tourism. 


The bottom line of the campaign is that both towns offer packages of 3 + 1 nights with various gift offers to encourage preseason booking of domestic guests. Such offers are promoted in joint Budapest events, and via online and offline channels with the slogan of ‘3 + 1 Action, Bathing Season Starts’.

Booking of 3 + 1 Action is available in Hajduszoboszlo from February 3 to April 3. The services are used in 39 accommodation places, including a number of guest houses and tennis courts. Here the gift is free use of the sauna beyond the one additional room night, bread langos, bicycle rental and museum entry ticket. 20150210_150507

At a press conference in Budapest attended the two city mayor, Gabor Papp (Heviz) and Sovago Laszlo (Hajduszoboszlo), who spoke of the progress of tourist traffic and recent developments, while stressing the exceptional nature of the collaboration of two competitors which they want to make a benchmark.



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