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Welcome at one of the youngest boat service company of Hungary! Portum Lines Boating Llc. was established in 2014 at Budapest. Founders of the company were gathered from different areas of life, however they all seem to share the passion for boating, shipping. Boating fills us with joy, when we feel the smell of water, then immediately forget the chaos of the normal, everyday life. Budapest shows a completely different side from the Danube, a much colder and more elegant side. Although we have started boating as a hobby, it became our profession by nowadays. We believe that we can share the joy of our profession with others, primarily you. Therefore we created a company that primarily focuses on quality services. Our company policy is similarly simple: we would like you to be happy and satisfied with our services, therefore return as soon and as many times possible. We would like you to enjoy the ride on our boats from time to time. We would also like to provide you pleasant memories after you have enjoyed one of our trips. We are confident to reach our goals by providing advanced, quality services. Besides the quality we also try to keep our prices low, at an affordable level, therefore our price level is about at the level of an average Budapest ruin pub (romkocsma). We also try to set up agreement with other providers sharing our business philosophy. This allows us to provide you above average products, services. Hope you will be pleased with our services. Should you have any comments regarding our services, please don’t forget to drop us a mail.

Our company operates a small and a big passenger boat, which flee is about to increase depending on your trust.

You can contact us primarily by e-mail.
Company details: 
Portum Lines Llc. 
Seat address: Kazinczy u 35., 1075 Budapest (no customer service)
Phone:  +36/20-265-77-55 (weekdays 9am to 5pm) Before placing a call please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
email: office@portum.hu
email: jegy@portum.hu (customer service regarding boat cruises, tickets)
Company Registry No.: 01-09-190451, Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Tax No.: 24938284-2-42
Webservice provider: Veres József, Toldi utca 52., 4400 Nyíregyháza ; netmetro.hu;  informacio@netmetro.hu ;
Registration No. at the Hungarian Data Protection Authority: NAIH-75389/2014., NAIH-75390/2014., NAIH-75391/2014.

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