You can also pay with SZEP card on We do accept all the cards issued by any of the three card provider. To complete the payment with SZEP card, select the SZEP card payment method and proceed as below. As per the current laws in force we can accept payment only on the sub-account of LEISURE TIME (‘SZABADIDŐ ALSZÁMLA).

If you have the chance to come to our boat during office hours – latest by the day before the cruise – then you can complete the payment on the boat by the bank card terminal as well. (Please note that the office hours of the crew differs from the normal office hours, therefore you are asked to place a call in such cases before you show up at the boat.)

We do accept SZEP cards for the following services solely on the sub-account of LEISURE TIME:

– inland passenger transport (TEÁOR’08 50.30)
– inland passenger transport with ferry (passenger transport, transport of follow vehicles and other objects
– inland passenger transport with boat
– inland passenger transport with sightseeing and expedition boat
– other inland passenger transport (eg. water taxi services).

Other reservation services (TEÁOR’08 79.90)
We can accept services like inland tour guide, sightseeing, etc.

Sport and leisure time training (TEÁOR’08 85.51)

Rental of leisure time and sport equipment (TEÁOR’08 77.21)
– Rental of sightseeing boat, kayak/canue, sailing boat without crew
bicycle rental

SZEP card payment method per provider


In order to pay advance the only requirement is that the owner of the master card (the employee) be registered at OTP SZEP card employee page. In order to process the SZEP card advance payment proceed as follows:

Sign in on OTP SZEP card page as a registered card owner;

Using the left side menu select advance payment (‘előleg fizetés’) and select the service provider ( or

Select the service using the locate the service point (‘Elfogadóhelyek keresése’) then click on advance payment

Provide the amount of the advance (the fee stated in the trasaction or the order processing note) and complete the transaction.

Following the identification of the service point and providing the card details the amount of the advance might be entered and transferred in the OTPdirekt system. A receipt is made on the transaction that can be printed by the card owner.

Please forward the receipt to us by email thus proving that the advance was paid.

More information on OTP SZEP card

K&H SZEP card

In order to use the service the service provider and the card owner should agree on the amount of the advance, then the service provider issues the advance payment process on the service provider page of the K&H SZEP card system. To enable that the K&H card number and codeword shall be provided.

More information on K&H SZEP card


Service provider location identifier: 172536

The advance payment is processed through the internet without the physical presence of the service provider or the card owner. The service provider and the card owner agrees on the main terms of the service, during this process the service provider asks the card owner to provider the ‘Identification number’ (‘Azonosító szám’) printed on the card (not identical to the card number).

The advance payment process is done as follows:

The service provider logs in into the Card Center,

Provides the ‘Identification number’ of the card owner and other pieces of information as necessary (validity of the request, file no (if there is), email address of the service provider).

The service provider receives an ‘Advance Payment ID’ to the email address provided in the card center, that is forwarded to the card owner – via email.

The card owner acknowledges the transaction in the Card Owner’s menu item of the Card Center filling the ‘Advance Payment ID’ (provided by service provider), service group and advance amount.

In case the card owner acknowledges the transaction before the deadline provided (the amount will be reserved), then both the service provider and the card owner receives a receipt of the transaction via e-mail.

Please forward the receipt to us by email thus proving that the advance was paid.

More information on MKB SZEP card

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