B2B boat services

Professional B2B services for partners

Thank you for your interest into B2B boat services. Our B2B services are for travel agencies, guides, hotels and similar tourism professionals. As a B2B to partner you can rent our boats with special conditions and special packages or became a retailer for our regular sightseeing trips. Becoming a partner you’ll have special access to our booking system and the possibility to manage online your bookings.

What makes a Portum Lines Cruise better?

  • The service, drinks and menu card is made for inland customers, the same prices are valid for foreigners.
  • We respect our customers needs. Therefore it is natural to make massala chai for an Indian group even if this was not ordered as a special request.
  • We try to understand you. Whenever prossible, the crew will speak ideally your language, if not possible, then major languages.
  • We are felxible: we may offer special drinks menu or special prices for certain items.
  • We are fast, can adjust even an on-going package, smooth and easy.

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