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Crew: Zoltan Tolnay, dr. captain

Get to know the Portum Lines crew. In our posts, we present the entire crew, this time Captain dr. Zoltán Tolnay.

Most of passangers who visit Portum Lines ships first are meet cap. Zoltan Tolnay. He is the first on line who greetings our passangers and in meantime check our crew to have everything well managed. Zoltan comes from a family of sailors but first became a pilot of commercial aircrafts. After graduating from technical university, he flew for ten years. Then his career ended because a serious car accident. During his recovery, he started riding, opened a riding school in Csömör and then became a horse trainer. Over time, he followed the family line and returned to sailing.
“I missed the Danube, which always gives me reassurance. It is a wonderful river, you can’t get enough of it. It offers beautiful sights along its entire length. “
By now, Zoltan is not only captain of Portum Lines vessels, but also trains sailors. And as a captain, he always welcomes guests on board the ship with joy and smile.
“No matter what kind of boat I drive, I’m home on the Danube.”

In the press:

Szabadföld 2020.06.29. Otthon lenni a Dunán

KarcFM Radio 2019.07.22 Dr. Tolnay Zoltan

Lokal 2017.06.30. Hajózás egy sör áráért

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