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M/S Fanny has been decommissioned, therefore not available for rental!

Capacity: Max. 150 pax (with crew) (~110 for concerts and parties, 70-90 for sightseeing, ~50 for dinners)
Staff: 4 crew
Halls: 2 halls (heated/cooled), approx. 45 m2 and 55 m2
Open decks: 3 open decks
Length x width: 37 meters x 5 meters
Recommended for: cruises, events, parties, press conferences, business meetings, tours, concerts
Equipment: bar, kitchen, sound system, music, 220V / 400V, FREE WI-FI, air conditioning, heating, dressing room, halls reconfigurable, reconfigurable decks.

MS Fannny is a big event boat that is suitable for almost any kind of event, parties. She is fully equiped with build-in sound system, wireless microphones, excellent kitchen and a bar. (Click for MS Fanny Drinks Menu.) The upper hall have tables of 2 and 4 (freely reconfigurable) and the lower hall have boxes of 6 persons. Main style of MS Fanny is a coffee house / pub feeling. Special sideboard or wardrobe can be furnished in a third room. There are four guest toilets on the ship. Free broadband internet is provided.

Our boat rental Budapest services are available not only within the city of Budapest! Examples of trip options are below:
Budapesti cruising short – 1 hour
Budapesti cruising long  – 2 hours
Budapest dinner  – 2 hours
Bp-Szentendre-Bp  – 3 hours
Bp-Visegrád- Bp  – 6 hours

Want to rent her?

For technical details please check the record of M/S Fanny on Hungarian Boat Register (Hajoregiszter).

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