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Please find the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. You will see some random answers for a given category here, when you are interested in a certain category, please click on the title for more detailed set of questions and answers.

On the ticket purchase (click for more…)

I would like to buy a gift voucher

Naturally, you can find that from the menu or just click: purchase gift voucher

I need invoice on third party booking – Getyouruide

When you need an invoice (VAT invoice) on a third party booking, like the one made at Getyourguide, then you need to provide use the following details:
– booking identifier
– name on the invoice
– your VAT/Tax No. (when you have such)
– your full address (street, house, city, counrty, zip)
– your email
Please note that the email on the invoice will be delivered to the address provided, therefore it is preferred that you use your normal, regular email address not the temporary one provided by Getyourguide.
Please also note that invoices may only be requested for two weeks from the booking.

Do I need to print the ticket?

No, presentation of the ticket on a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) is fine as indicated on the ticket. We also do like trees.

Can I book on the boat? Is there a purchase option on site?

Primarily you can buy tickets to our cruises via our website with a card.

For our sightseeing cruises yes, but only if there are free places. You can risk that our colleagues will deny to sell for you tickets if the capacity is full. Ticket purchased on sight are EUR 14 (HUF 5500) / person. Cash and card payment is also possible.

Pre-purchased tickets have priority at boarding.

On the boat ride (click for more…)

At what time shall I arrive?

We would recommend 10-15 minutes before the departure. Naturally, you may arrive later to the port, but it is recommended to go onboard at least 5 minutes before departure. Boarding usually starts 10-15 minutes before departure. Do not arrive more earlier! Our crew will not allow you on board because there are special laws and rules for that, also the boat needs to be cleaned and checked. Believe us, this is not a rude gesture, simply the boarding is not allowed and could be dangerous. Boarding starts only on the permission of the captain!

Can I bring my dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, goldfish?

Sorry, no. Live animals – except guide dogs and police dogs on duty – can not be transported pursuant to the GTC on the sightseeing boat cruises.
Okay, maybe we can make an exception with a gold fish in an aquarium sized not more than 10x10x10cm. Do not forget the risk of escaping, River Danube is close.
When you wish to have the boat ride together with your pet, then you have the option for that on a Private Boat Cruise, with multiple options like Private Boat Cruise for one hour or even a Romantic Proposal or Rendez-Vous on the Danube.

arrived late / the boat is leaving / the boat has left, but still close – will they return for me/us

No. When the boat has started the departure procedure, then it will not turn back as it takes tremendous time – that would be taken from the passengers arriving on time. Also, the crew won’t open the gate again due to the valid safety regulations. You can participate on one of a later cruises for a fee as per your voucher.

missed a cruise, can I go on a later one?, can I change my departure time?

When you missed the cruise – or you wish to have another departure time (maybe on the same day or the next) -, then as a gesture of goodwill we allow you to participate on one of the cruises on the same day or the next (to your original voucher’s date) for a fee of EUR 6 / person (or equivalent HUF 2500).
The fee is payable on the boat, no need for reservation/booking/registration, you only need to show up before departure.
Departure times on Mon.-Thu. and Fri.-Sun. differs, check on the usual winter departure times (Nov. 1 – Mar. 31.) OR the usual summer departure times (Apr. 1 – Oct. 31.) page (opens in new tab).
The original voucher becomes invalid when you become ‘no show’ and the cruise starts.

On the weather (click for more…)

Is it heated?

Yes, there are on our boats and we are using it when is necessary (of course only in the halls). Don’t forget about our blankets and winter time our really good mulled wine :)

What happens in rain, cold or bad weather?

The boat has covered deck that provides all of you comfort in any weather conditions and it is really nice in heavier storm, colder weather, etc. Rain or bad weather is not a special circumstance that allows you to change your ticket. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

It is storming or raining now!

There are weather conditions that you may not consider favourable, like storm and rain, though they are usually safe to sail on the Danube. Our boats are operating under any weather conditions, including snow, rain, storm. There are few exceptions, though in such cases we are making announcement on every available platforms to let you know if your cruise is cancelled: SMS, email, public announcement on Facebook, website, etc. Please be noted that bad weather is not a circumstance to your free ticket change. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

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