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Please find the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. You will see some random answers for a given category here, when you are interested in a certain category, please click on the title for more detailed set of questions and answers.

On the ticket purchase

not relaible email providers

Some free email providers including, but not limited to freemail.hu, citromail.hu are unreliable in delivering the emails. In the best case scenario the email is only considered as spam, in a worse case scenario it is not delivered at all. We advise you not to provide an email address at an unreliable email provider as our system will be unable to deliver the email. As you select your email provider, we can not guarantee the delivery of the email, especially not to the addresses at an unreliable email providers.

Is Budapest Card accepted?

No, unfortunately we can not accept Budapest Card.

What ticket categories you have?

On our standard sightseeing cruises we have only 2 ticket categories:

child ticket: age 0-2 (accompanied by an adult with a single ticket), you need one single ticket for one child ticket

single ticket: age 3-

There might be other ticket categories on certain special boat cruises that is indicated during the purchase process.

I did not get a ticket / I have problems with the booking

I did not get a ticket / I have not received confirmation of booking / I have problems with the booking.

In case of a GMAIL account also look for Promotional, Social and other labels or execute a query by our CHAT. For inquiries about booking please do not hesitate to contact us by our CHAT on website. Please do NOT make call regarding your ticket issues, we don’t have a call center which can check your tickets when you call. Do it by chat, we’ll do our best to answer a.s.a.p.

If you already have a booking please use the communication button what you have into your ticket email.

On the boat ride


Parking is possible in front of the pier. Naturally, there is no guarantee that there will be an empty spot. It is street, literally, thus a public parking place, standard parking rules of Budapest do applies. The fees are payable and indicated as on other parts of Budapest. Usually it is not charged during the weekends, though exections may apply.

How fast is a boat?

A passenger boat is not a really fast vehicle and its speed is partly determined by the external conditions, the current of the river, wind.
In case of the MS Neptun we can calculate with the rough numbers of 8-10 km/hour upstream and 16-20 km/hour downstream.
For MS Klara these numbers are slightly lower 6-9 km/hour upstream and 14-18 km/hour downstream.

Is the table only for us?

Unfortunately, that we can not guarantee. At the current layout there are tables for 2-4-8 on the boat. Of course, for a six-person group the table is only for the group. However, when there are fewer people, you may have to share the table with others. On the other hand the room on the boat is more limited than in a restaurant. The experience, however, will definitely be amazing.
However feel free yourself to make a booking for a private boat tour – meaning a whole boat for you and for who you want to see on board.

I need a taxi (cab) at the end of the cruise

We suggest to use BOLT. Naturally you can also order a taxi from an other provider to our port at Szt. István park. Please note that at frequent times, like national holidays, Friday, Saturday evenings, rainy conditions it is almost impossible to get hold of a cab.

Avoid tourist traps and don’t take freelancer cabs nor from port or hotel or anywhere in the city. Read our article on how to avoid such tourist traps. Using a provider where app is available is preferred for your safety.

On the weather

Is it heated?

Yes, there are on our boats and we are using it when is necessary (of course only in the halls). Don’t forget about our blankets and winter time our really good mulled wine :)

It is storming or raining now!

There are weather conditions that you may not consider favourable, like storm and rain, though they are usually safe to sail on the Danube. Our boats are operating under any weather conditions, including snow, rain, storm. There are few exceptions, though in such cases we are making announcement on every available platforms to let you know if your cruise is cancelled: SMS, email, public announcement on Facebook, website, etc. Please be noted that bad weather is not a circumstance to your free ticket change. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

What happens in rain, cold or bad weather?

The boat has covered deck that provides all of you comfort in any weather conditions and it is really nice in heavier storm, colder weather, etc. Rain or bad weather is not a special circumstance that allows you to change your ticket. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

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