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You can contact us with regard your booking on the form below. Here you can send us your requests, needs and also your intent to cancel the booking.
Before sending your request, please check our Frequently Asked Questions on bookings and the boat cruise

length, how long is the trip

The sightseeing cruise is about 1 hour, naturally this includes departure and arrival. Boarding and unboarding times are excluded from the sailing time.

city lights, illumination, illumination by night

Budapest’s illumination by night dresses the city into a different costume and thus is really beautiful, still, we do not control that. Certain times the illumination can be dimmed or changed from the standard (color) scheme to commemorate certain occasions, like national days of Hungary or other countries, Earth Hour or fight against breath cancer. The view and the panorama is still unique with or without the illumination, that only provides an extra flavour to it.

Do I need to take the ticket for the trip? Are the tickets for a specific person?

The passengers are identified on the basis of the ticket, so you have to present the ticket that enables you to participate. But we love trees, so the presentation by a smart device like phone or tablet is perfect.
However, IDs are not checked, only the number and type of the tickets. Therefore the first presenter of a valid ticket will be allowed to travel.

What do I need to the trip?

A valid TICKET for the specific trip issued by by Portum Lines LLC, that is available online. Alternatively a valid voucher from the accepted third party providers is also fine.

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