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You can contact us with regard your booking on the form below. Here you can send us your requests, needs and also your intent to cancel the booking.
Before sending your request, please check our Frequently Asked Questions on bookings and the boat cruise

I would like to buy a gift voucher

Naturally, you can find that from the menu or just click: purchase gift voucher


Parking is possible in front of the pier. Naturally, there is no guarantee that there will be an empty spot. It is street, literally, thus a public parking place, standard parking rules of Budapest do applies. The fees are payable and indicated as on other parts of Budapest. Usually it is not charged during the weekends, though exections may apply.

What ticket categories you have?

On our standard sightseeing cruises we have only 2 ticket categories:

child ticket: age 0-2 (accompanied by an adult with a single ticket), you need one single ticket for one child ticket

single ticket: age 3-

There might be other ticket categories on certain special boat cruises that is indicated during the purchase process.

Are there restrooms on board?

Naturally, each of our boats is equipped with a restroom. The restrooms are not usable from the time the boat approaches the port – approx. 5 minutes before arrival.

How do I get my ticket?

We only deliver products purchased on our site via e-mail, you will receive a confirmation mail and/or ticket after each purchase you made. Should you receive no emails after the purchase, first please check your spam folder and then contact us.

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