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No service / Closed due to Danube flood Dec 25 – Dec 29

Due to the flooding of the Danube, on December 24, 2023, at midnight, the Major of Budapest declared a flood protection alert. The Danube will reach a water level that will unfortunately cause it to overflow its banks within days. Navigation will become hazardous and dangerous, and our company decided to cancel all cruises between […]

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May 23, 2021 Are you open? We tend to get this question frequently these days. We are not closed, but cruising, we do have regular, daily trips. Ticket are available on line and on site (before departure), though we recommend on line purchase. Effective from 3rd of July 2021 the government has lifted the obligation […]

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Travel information to Hungary

Please be informed that from 1th september 2020 the Hungarian Government did close the borders of Hungary. Foreign citizens shall entry the country only by special circumstances or due transit. On 5th October , 2020 Hungarian government decided special rules for citizens of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Citizens of these countries shall entry in […]

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Crew: Zoltan Tolnay, dr. captain

Get to know the Portum Lines crew. In our posts, we present the entire crew, this time Captain dr. Zoltán Tolnay. Most of passangers who visit Portum Lines ships first are meet cap. Zoltan Tolnay. He is the first on line who greetings our passangers and in meantime check our crew to have everything well […]

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We are OPEN

We are open and cruising again! Our smaller event boat already did few events this week and our regular sightseeing trips are starting from July 4. Hungary is open all EU citizens! For official travel restrictions please check the official EU wbesite:

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MS Neptun renovation

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is the machinery room of MS NEPTUN, our freshly renovated boat. We are so proud about the high-quality renovation here. All machines have been totally renovated (!) and not in a very brand-new condition. Modified and updated electrical system, electronics for machines, many-many new security devices make our vessel safe and […]

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Ready for re-openning

Dear passengers, unfortunately we have not opened yet. Boat cruises are still not allowed in Budapest. Perhaps it will be possible for private events from 1th June and then our boats will be available for hire. Our regular sightseeing cruises will have to wait for the reopening of international borders. In the meantime, we are […]

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Zárva vagyunk

Sajnálattal közöljük, hogy COVID-19 járvány miatt 2020. március 17-től minden járatunkat törölnünk kellett. Fogalmunk sincsen, hogy mikortól indulhatnak újra a járataink, mivel ez egy kormányzati döntés. Amint lehetséges lesz, a népszerű sétahajó járataink újra üzemelni fognak.

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Information regarding the boat accident of 29 May 2019

UPDATE 12 JUNE 2019 18:00 CET Update regarding the special conditions on Danube Thanks to the heroic work of our colleagues at the different naval companies and authorities the navigational routes and conditions in Budapest are back to normal. We are operating as usual. We have many thanks also for the patience of our customers! […]

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Job: Sailor

This job is requiring a minimal Hungarian language skill, please read the details in Hungarian: A Portum Lines Hajózási Kft. fiatalos matrózt keres azonnali kezdéssel Követelmények: – érvényes hajós szolgálati könyv – gépkezelő matróz képesítés NEM szükséges, de hozzáértés a gépekhez igen (valamennyire) – A matróz feladatokon túl a vendéglátással is kell részben foglalkozni (menetben […]

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