FAQ – boat cruise

Which is the best side? Is it better upstairs or downstairs?

As you prefer. It is a round trip, the view is magnificent irrespective whether you are upstairs, downstairs in the front or in the back. Not to forget, you are on the same boat.

Can I sit only at a dedicated seat/table?

No, we do not accept prior seat/table reservation for our trips. Passengers are free to occupy places first-come. However, for occasional larger groups we maintain tables. You may move freely between the lower and upper deck. We recommend that you go out the top panorama deck at least once during the trip; the view is magnificent.

May I bring a cake? May I bring food/drink on board?

No, you can not bring a cake, food or drink on board. A bar is on board, consumption of food and drinks not ordered from the bar is FORBIDDEN. Naturally, you may go for the foods and drinks available in the bar, our menu can be found on drinks card.

I need an invoice on the bar consumption

Naturally it is possible, however takes time, therefore you need to ask it well in advance. For the invoice you need to provide all the invoicing details to our bar crew. Should you provide an email address, then the invoice will be electronic, otherwise printed on a heatpaper.


Parking is possible in front of the pier. Naturally, there is no guarantee that there will be an empty spot. It is street, literally, thus a public parking place, standard parking rules of Budapest do applies. The fees are payable and indicated as on other parts of Budapest. Usually it is not charged during the weekends, though exections may apply.

At what time shall I arrive?

We would recommend 10-15 minutes before the departure. Naturally, you may arrive later to the port, but it is recommended to go onboard at least 5 minutes before departure. Boarding usually starts 10-15 minutes before departure. Do not arrive more earlier! Our crew will not allow you on board because there are special laws and rules for that, also the boat needs to be cleaned and checked. Believe us, this is not a rude gesture, simply the boarding is not allowed and could be dangerous. Boarding starts only on the permission of the captain!

usual departure times, Winter (Nov. 1 – March 31.)

Usual departures between Nov. 1 – March 31


Departure times indicated in parenthesis like (16:40) are optional and not available at all times. Amendments to the departure times are possible without prior note. All departure times are indicated in local, Budapest time (CET).
You can buy tickets on the sightseeing tour link here.

Can I eat or drink on the boat?

Naturally, there is a bar on-board, we are happy to serve your preferred drinks during the cruise. You’ll find the prices on our drinks menu. Also we serve light snacks on certain cruises. Providing cooked food is not possible on our sightseeing cruises for legal compliance, though in case of boat rental even a dinner for 2 is possible.

usual departure times, Summer (Apr. 1 – Oct. 31)

Usual departures between Apr. 1 – Oct. 31


Departure times indicated in parenthesis like (16:45) are optional and not available at all times. Amendments to the departure times are possible without prior note. All departure times are indicated in local, Budapest time (CET).
You can buy tickets on the sightseeing tour link here.

How long is a trip?

If you bought tickets to our regular sightseeing trips the duration is one hour. Other, special programs do have the duration as indicated in the product’s description. When you renting our boat the duration is the time period what you paid for.

What do I need to the trip?

A valid TICKET for the specific trip issued by by Portum Lines LLC, that is available online. Alternatively a valid voucher from the accepted third party providers is also fine.

Is there a pick-up or drop-off service

No, we do not offer pick-up or drop-off service. Suggest to use taxis where app is available, like our partner, Fotaxi. A contact person in front of the pier is available. See also the FAQ on taxis.

missed a cruise, can I go on a later one?, can I change my departure time?

When you missed the cruise – or you wish to have another departure time (maybe on the same day or the next) -, then as a gesture of goodwill we allow you to participate on one of the cruises on the same day or the next (to your original voucher’s date) for a fee of EUR 6 / person (or equivalent HUF 2500).
The fee is payable on the boat, no need for reservation/booking/registration, you only need to show up before departure.
Departure times on Mon.-Thu. and Fri.-Sun. differs, check on the usual winter departure times (Nov. 1 – Mar. 31.) OR the usual summer departure times (Apr. 1 – Oct. 31.) page (opens in new tab).
The original voucher becomes invalid when you become ‘no show’ and the cruise starts.

lost items, lost and found

Lost and found items are saved for two weeks. You can collect it on site at the time agreed upon or they can be delivered to your location for a fee. In case you have lost something on the boat ride, please contact us.
In case you have found something on the boat, then please hand it to our staff, who tries to find the owner.

I need a taxi (cab) at the end of the cruise

We suggest to use our partner, FOTAXI. Naturally you can also order a taxi from an other provider to our port at Szt. István park. Please note that at frequent times, like national holidays, Friday, Saturday evenings, rainy conditions it is almost impossible to get hold of a cab.

Avoid tourist traps and don’t take freelancer cabs nor from port or hotel or anywhere in the city. Read our article on how to avoid such tourist traps. Using a provider where app is available is preferred for your safety.

ticket modification, cancellation

Our cancelation and change policy:

Regular ticket cancelation rules:

  • Up to 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund (less EUR 1 admin fee)
  • Less than 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: NO refund

Regular ticket modification rules:

  • Changing departure time up to 24 hours before the beginning of the activity is free of charge.
  • Changing departure time less than 24 hours before the beginning of the activity is EUR 6.

Discounted our tickets bought trough coupons:

  • Cancelling is NOT possible.
  • Changing departure time EUR 6.

For any ticket change request please contact us by the form below only and do not forget to provide your ticket or booking number.

    In case of modification please also provide:

  • the requested amended date.
    In case of cancellation please also provide if you prefer:

  • a voucher valid for 1 year or
  • refund – admin fee of EUR 1 is charged.

Amendment request shall be submitted at least 6 hours before departure time indicated on your ticket.
Cancellation with refund is only possibe up to 24 hours of the departure time or (when differs, like special cruises) as set in the product description.

The amendment or cancellation request shall come from the email address of the booking record. Third party vouchers may only be amended or modified by the third party who issued them (Getyourguide, Musement, Viator, Booking.com, etc.)

When you decide to show up at a departure time other than the one indicated on your voucher (but the same departure day), then you need to pay the same fee as changing time within 24 hours incicated above.

    Are there restrooms on board?

    Naturally, each of our boats is equipped with a restroom. The restrooms are not usable from the time the boat approaches the port – approx. 5 minutes before arrival.

    I have missed the cruise/some of my group members did not come – can I get a refund?

    Sorry, but when the boat was there and you or your friends have missed a cruise that does not give you any ground for refund as per the general terms and conditions of the service, the tickets are used by the no show.

    arrived late / the boat is leaving / the boat has left, but still close – will they return for me/us

    No. When the boat has started the departure procedure, then it will not turn back as it takes tremendous time – that would be taken from the passengers arriving on time. Also, the crew won’t open the gate again due to the valid safety regulations. You can participate on one of a later cruises for a fee as per your voucher.

    covid rules, certificates

    We are not closed, but cruising rare due the lack of passengers. Mainly boat cruises are available in the weekend period Friday and Saturday. By your booking or request our crew member are ready to cruise with you.

    Current rules on our regular Budapest sightseeing cruises:

    • passengers need to wear a mask inside during the cruise;

    More on the current Covid rules on our blog.

    Can’t find the port / Can’t locate the dock / Where is the port?

    On our sightseeing boat cruises the port of departure (and port of arrival arrival – are the same), that is located at Szent Istvan park pier, Dock 42, here:

    The port, Dock 42 can be found with various applications:

    Dock 42 on Google Maps

    Dock 42 on Apple Maps

    Dock 42 on OpenStreetmap

    Dock 42 on FourSquare-en

    also likely available on your phone’s map provider, check for ‘Portum Lines’ OR ‘Dock 42’. See the detailed access information also on your ticket. When you don’t have data connection or don’t want to spend on such, then we recommend you to use offline map application like Maps.Me.

    Public transport services in the vicinity are trolleybus (lines 75 & 79), bus (lines 115 & 15) and the metro (line M3), tram (line 2, 4-6) and BuBi docking station at Szent Istvan park. Please note that Szt. Istvan park is fenced, no pass through is possible.

    Natuarally the port is acessible by car – there is a parking area in front on the pier – or by taxi

    You can also try to chat with our bot, Anna on t.me/portum_bot, she is also happy to send you the dock location and even tell your distance from the dock.

    How fast is a boat?

    A passenger boat is not a really fast vehicle and its speed is partly determined by the external conditions, the current of the river, wind.
    In case of the MS Neptun we can calculate with the rough numbers of 8-10 km/hour upstream and 16-20 km/hour downstream.
    For MS Klara these numbers are slightly lower 6-9 km/hour upstream and 14-18 km/hour downstream.

    Made some nice pictures, how do I share them with you?

    We are happy when you were able to make some nice pictures on the cruise. Either you can post on Instagram using hastags #hajoznijo or #portumlines or you can share with us via Anna, our Telegram bot t.me/portum_bot

    Is the table only for us?

    Unfortunately, that we can not guarantee. At the current layout there are tables for 2-4-8 on the boat. Of course, for a six-person group the table is only for the group. However, when there are fewer people, you may have to share the table with others. On the other hand the room on the boat is more limited than in a restaurant. The experience, however, will definitely be amazing.
    However feel free yourself to make a booking for a private boat tour – meaning a whole boat for you and for who you want to see on board.

    Do I need to take the ticket for the trip? Are the tickets for a specific person?

    The passengers are identified on the basis of the ticket, so you have to present the ticket that enables you to participate. But we love trees, so the presentation by a smart device like phone or tablet is perfect.
    However, IDs are not checked, only the number and type of the tickets. Therefore the first presenter of a valid ticket will be allowed to travel.

    Can I bring my dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, goldfish?

    Sorry, no. Live animals – except guide dogs and police dogs on duty – can not be transported pursuant to the GTC on the sightseeing boat cruises.
    Okay, maybe we can make an exception with a gold fish in an aquarium sized not more than 10x10x10cm. Do not forget the risk of escaping, River Danube is close.
    When you wish to have the boat ride together with your pet, then you have the option for that on a Private Boat Cruise, with multiple options like Private Boat Cruise for one hour or even a Romantic Proposal or Rendez-Vous on the Danube.

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