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I have a reservation for tomorrow, the day after… can I come today?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Either a) you need to modify your booking to today’s date or b) cancel your reservation for the later date and buy a ticket on the boat – before departure.

What ticket categories you have? Do I need ticket for my child, my aunt, father, etc.?

On our standard sightseeing cruises we have only 2 ticket categories:

child ticket: age 0-2 (accompanied by an adult with a single ticket), you need one single ticket for one child ticket

single ticket: age 3-

There might be other ticket categories on certain special boat cruises that is indicated during the purchase process.

Third party partners, like Getyourguide, Viator/Tripadvisor, Musement, Booking, etc. will not issue you a child ticket.

Why do I get a second email on booking?

Our booking system (Fareharbor) is unable to generate the financial receipt needed for the payment by the relevant Hungarian laws. Therefore we use a separate service to create and send you a receipt (or invoice when you requested) from szamlazz.hu that is sent in a separate, second email.

Due to technical constraint modification/amendment of the invoice is only possible by manual method within 7 days from the issue thereof, therefore you are requested to double check the details given before clicking the button.

Do I pay in EUR?

Yes, our booking system is based on EUR and unfortuantely it can only handle one currency. When your local currency is different, then the conversion will be done based on your card provider/bank rates. When you have a special card, like Curve, Revolut, then the system may charge the EUR sums direct.

Cash payment is only possible on the boat, before departure (as long as there are empty seats left), tickets purchased on the boat costs EUR 10 or HUF 3500.

I would like to buy a gift voucher

Naturally, you can find that from the menu or just click: purchase gift voucher

Can I book on the boat,Is there a purchase option on-site,Is there a physical place we can buy tickets

Primarily you can buy tickets to our cruises via our website with a card.

For our sightseeing cruises yes, but only if there are free places. There is risk that our colleagues can not sell you tickets if the capacity is full, but likely you can buy extra tickets on-site. Ticket purchased on sight are EUR 15 (HUF 6000) / person. Cash and card payment is also possible.

Pre-purchased tickets have priority at boarding.

not relaible email providers

Some free email providers including, but not limited to freemail.hu, citromail.hu are unreliable in delivering the emails. In the best case scenario the email is only considered as spam, in a worse case scenario it is not delivered at all. We advise you not to provide an email address at an unreliable email provider as our system will be unable to deliver the email. As you select your email provider, we can not guarantee the delivery of the email, especially not to the addresses at an unreliable email providers.

I did not get a ticket / I have not received confirmation of booking / I have problems with the booking.

We send a ticket as a response to each approved booking. Please check your spam (junk mail) folder too. Should you not receive a ticket, we could not confirm your reservation for any reason, of which we have sent an e-mail. In case a GMAIL please check your promotion, offers, social and other tabs as well, maybe you can use the search with “in:all from:[email protected]”.
Should you have any further questions please fill out the contact form, we can not provide you information about your booking over the phone.
Please also check our note on ‘Not reliable e-mail providers’.

I need invoice on third party booking

When you need an invoice (VAT invoice) on a third party booking, then you need to provide use the following details:
– booking identifier – NOT your booking name, user name or password
– name on the invoice
– your VAT/Tax No. (when you have such)
– your full address (street, house, city, counrty, zip)
– your email
Failing to provide the above data makes it impossible to deliver an invoice.
Please note that the email on the invoice will be delivered to the address provided, therefore it is preferred that you use your normal, regular email address not the temporary like the one provided by Getyourguide, Viator. Pictures or data not meeting the above set will not be processed.
Please also note that invoices may only be requested for two weeks from the time the cruise took place.
In case the booking is made on our website, then the invoice is immediately issued – as an automatic invoicing software is in place there.

Can I bring my bicycle?

No, unfortunately bicycles can not be transported on our boats. Naturally we are happy to see you choosing a healthy method of transportation. Also there is a railing in front of the boat at the pier where you can lock your bicycle.

ticket modification, cancellation

Our cancelation and change policy:

Regular ticket cancelation rules:

  • Up to 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund (less EUR 1 admin fee)
  • Less than 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: NO refund

Regular ticket modification rules:

  • Changing departure time up to 24 hours before the beginning of the activity is free of charge.
  • Changing departure time less than 24 hours before the beginning of the activity is EUR 6.

Discounted our tickets bought trough coupons:

  • Cancelling is NOT possible.
  • Changing departure time EUR 6.

For any ticket change request please contact us by the form below only and do not forget to provide your ticket or booking number.

    In case of modification please also provide:

  • the requested amended date.
    In case of cancellation please also provide if you prefer:

  • a voucher valid for 1 year or
  • refund – admin fee of EUR 1 is charged.

Amendment request shall be submitted at least 6 hours before departure time indicated on your ticket.
Cancellation with refund is only possibe up to 24 hours of the departure time or (when differs, like special cruises) as set in the product description.

The amendment or cancellation request shall come from the email address of the booking record. Third party vouchers may only be amended or modified by the third party who issued them (Getyourguide, Musement, Viator, Booking.com, etc.)

When you decide to show up at a departure time other than the one indicated on your voucher (but the same departure day), then you need to pay the same fee as changing time within 24 hours incicated above.

    I have missed the cruise/some of my group members did not come – can I get a refund?

    Sorry, but when the boat was there and you or your friends have missed a cruise that does not give you any ground for refund as per the general terms and conditions of the service, the tickets are used by the no show.

    Do I need to buy a ticket for my baby boy/baby girl?

    Not, if the baby is below the age of 3 and you intend to come to one of our standard boat cruise. Naturally, each child must be accompanied by an adult with a valid single ticket. (Also, different ticket categories might be applicable on special boat cruises.) See ticket categories for details.

    Is Budapest Card accepted?

    No, unfortunately we can not accept Budapest Card.

    the sums on the invoice and the card charge differs / I need an invoice on the booking fee

    Probably you have noticed the sums on the receipt/invoice is different than the sums on the card charge. The difference comes from the booking fee charged by Fareharbor direct.
    The total sum you have paid comes from the fees paid for the service (Fareharbor indicates that as Subtotal) and the booking fee for the platform (Fareharbor indicates that as Fee). We can only provide invoice on the first one as that is the service we provide.
    In case you need an invoice on the booking fee (Fee) you need to contact with Fareharbor direct by a form or an email.

    Can’t find the port / Can’t locate the dock / Where is the port?

    On our sightseeing boat cruises the port of departure (and port of arrival arrival – are the same), that is located at Szent Istvan park pier, Dock 42, here:

    The port, Dock 42 can be found with various applications:

    also likely available on your phone’s map provider, check for ‘Portum Lines’ OR ‘Dock 42’. See the detailed access information also on your ticket. When you don’t have (or you don’t want to use) data connection, then we recommend you to use offline map application like Maps.Me.

    Public transport services in the vicinity are trolleybus (lines 75 & 79), bus (lines 115 & 15) and the metro (line M3), tram (line 2, 4-6) and BuBi docking station at Szent Istvan park. Please note that Szt. Istvan park is fenced, no pass through is possible.

    Natuarally the port is acessible by car – there is a parking area in front on the pier – or by taxi. Should you go for a taxi, please read our article on the taxi scams and preferred taxi provider.

    You can also try to chat with our bot, Anna on t.me/portum_bot, she is also happy to send you the dock location and even tell your distance from the dock.

    Do I need to print the ticket?

    No, presentation of the ticket on a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) is fine as indicated on the ticket. We also do like trees.

    I need an invoice on the booking

    Sure, that is not a problem, actually you can do it via self-service on the booking. At the end of the booking process please tick the “I need an invoice” button and fill out the data required.
    Please note that correcting the data is only possible via manual methods, therefore give a second look to your inputs. The electronic invoice will be delivered to you by email shortly after the booking confirmation.
    Invoices on vouchers purchase by third parties, including, but not limited to Viator, Getyourguide, Booking, Musement are issued by that provider, you should contact them directly.

    I would like to add one (or more) friends to my booking…

    Unfortunately that is not possible as payment is required and we don’t want you to send over your card data. Therefore, in such case you need to make a new booking for the same date, no worries we can handle multiple vouchers.

    I would bring a group, can I get a group ticket?

    Yes, we are happy to provide you a group ticket as long as the group size is 20 pax or higher. For the details please contact us.

    Is the ticket valid for any departure time?

    No, the ticket is valid for only the specific cruise departure indicated thereon. When you missed the cruise you may participate on one of the cruises on the same day or the next for a discounted fee.

    How do I get my ticket?

    We only deliver products purchased on our site via e-mail, you will receive a confirmation mail and/or ticket after each purchase you made. Should you receive no emails after the purchase, first please check your spam folder and then contact us.

    What availabilities you have?

    The availabilities of our Budapest Sightseeing Cruise are displayed after you selected a given day. The number of available tickets will also be seen there. In case you are not able to select a certain date, then unfortunately there are no more tickets left for that cruise.

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